Macaron Flavours

Our Macarons are all handmade and follow suit with our other cakes in terms of unusual flavourings. We are always experimenting and trialling new tastes so if there is something you would like to see that we don’t currently make, get in touch and share your vision with us!

Macarons come in boxes of 6 or 12 to order online or you can find us at one of our events and buy them in person. PRICED AT £2 EACH. 

NUTELLA                                                   PEANUT BUTTER

ROSE AND PISTATIO                           VANILLA

YUZU                                                           MOCHA

SALTED CARAMEL                                CASSIS

LIME AND COCONUT                           HONEY LAVENDER

CHAI TEA                                                  BUBBLEGUM

MATCHA                                                   ORANGE BLOSSOM

TONKA BEAN                                          CHERRY CHOCOLATE

ORANGE CHOCOLATE                        CHOC MINT

EARL GREY                                              CAPPUCCINO

PEACHES AND CREAM                       BAILEYS

MALTED CHOCOLATE                        LIQUORICE

AZTEC CHOCOLATE                            PINA COLADA




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