Well.. it has been an extremely busy few months organizing all the events we will be attending this year.

We have sought out a little help to make the pink lady trailer even more eye catching that she is already! She will have a beautiful Alice in Wonderland twisted tea party theme about her and you should be able to see her from a long way off. This will be ready in time for the Isle of Wight fest and every festival after.

We have some cracking events that we will be joining , some with the pink lady trailer and some with a chill out tent full of bean bags. Either way, our delicious cakes and unusual teas will be available for all festival goers. Come along and have a looksie, say hello and enjoy a little treat. Our list of events is now available on the website for all to see.

I really am very excited about the giant leap the pink lady has made this year and hope this is the first of many exciting years to come.

I just wanted to say a big shout out and a massive thank you to all my customers who have stuck by me and who keep coming back to buy cakes. Without you all my dream of having this bakery would never have come true. Despite all my festivals and events I will still be making novelty cakes, wedding cakes and all other cake orders that come my way. Dont hesitate to get in touch to find out if I have a little space for you.

Even if I have an event on I will always do what I can to help!